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If destination Florida is on your horizon, you're in luck. This beautiful state enjoys seemingly endless sunshine combined with a mild climate. Florida provides a vibrant display of different destinations, dramatically varying from the most southernmost iconic Key West to the nightclub vibe of Miami to the rugged Everglades tours. While you could rightfully write a fashion guide for each region, we wanted to give you solid tips for a general Florida vacation.

Mastering the Beach Attire

If you're headed to the Sunshine State, it's likely you're in search of constant rays of sunshine, warm temperatures, and endless beaches, with extra emphasis on that last one. Even if you prefer a pristine hotel pool to the warm waters just beyond the sand bank, your wardrobe will need to beef up on water attire.

First, it's time to spruce up your swimsuit. If you can't remember the last time you dared the dreaded swimsuit shopping, you’re overdue. It's likely yours has started to lose its shape, or the colors are fading from last season's sun-filled adventure.

A proper fitting swimsuit not only makes you look amazing, it helps give you confidence to use the shore as your own personal catwalk. Check out Pop Sugar’s swimsuit guide to determine the best fit for your body type before venturing out into the shopping arena. This isn’t just for the ladies either. Men need to skip the saggy overlooked trunks in favor of a style that fits their use. Men’s Health has you covered there.

Then add in the classic swimsuit cover, wide brimmed hat and sandals to finish off the ladies’ beachwear.

Styling With Lightweight Ware

Since you’re dashing to the southernmost points of the continental United States, you’re obviously in search of those warmer temperatures. In Florida, you’ll get a dose of a bit of humidity as well.

To combat the extra moisture in the air, embrace lighter layers that allow your skin some breathing room. Consider a combination of t-shirts, poplin layers, maxi dresses and a stylish summer dress.

For example, our summer selection at Ploumanac'h is specifically designed to create an even mix of style and comfort. Our ¾ Sleeve Stretch Poplin shirts master the heat with a dash of elegance while helping you capture that slight ocean breeze.

women's shirt

A bright short sleeve Denim Striped t-shirt can be the perfect look for a day out on the water.

What are you doing today? We are celebrating Summer! ☀️

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Stephanie from the Style Bungalow showcases an ideal sundress perfectly designed for Florida’s laid-back ambiance.


The light colors pair perfectly with Florida’s yearlong acceptance of wearing white, skipping the classic “after Labor Day” rule of the northern states. In fact, you’ll find that whites and brighter solids are commonplace. You’ll also see a lot of pairing a strong white piece with a black one.

June is the polo-shirt month, check all the colors available on the web site! #ploumanach

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For the guys, stick with a more neutral color palate, spiced with the occasional brighter colored shirt. Jeans pair well with everything, but you'll want to include a few shorts for your daytime activities.

Planning for Activities

As always, pack your suitcase with an idea of which types of activities you'll be enjoying. Florida presents a plethora of activities. You can switch between a day at the iconic Universal Orlando or Walt Disney World to spending the bulk of your vacation centered around the Florida Keys to all night clubbing or even plan your vacation around a conference. Clubbers should check the dress code before hopping on their flight. You'll see everything from casual clubs where a maxi dress passes to strict dress codes with the stubborn fashion police.

The Sunshine State tends to be exceptionally popular for Medical Conferences. If you're looking to add in a few outfits for a conference, a blouse or polo shirt paired with slacks will fit right in.

 men's shirt

A Flair for Accessories


Especially traveling the in the United States, few outfits are complete without a little accessorizing. We're talking necklaces, earrings, hats and stylish sunglasses. Count anything that gives your outfit that "final" touch. Vacation here is the time to celebrate the art of the flair.

Stephanie from The Style Bungalow perfectly pairs everything we’ve mentioned together a fantastic Florida flair. She even adds a few limes to the accessory line up! Someone’s ready for that poolside cocktail.


Afternoon treats (and drinks) from The Salty Oyster at the @perrykeywest... 🦀 #perryfirstlook

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A Fashion Partner for Your Florida Vacation

At Ploumanac’h, we take your vacation fashion needs serious through creating high quality pieces created to last. Above everything else, we want you to feel comfortable on your vacation. That means equally balancing being physically comfortable by tailoring clothes to match tropical climates with an Italian sense of style to give you confidence in your fashion decisions.

If you need a few additional shirts to complete your Florida wardrobe, we’d like to invite you to explore both our Men’s clothing and Women’s line up. We know these pieces will give you the ability to perfectly capture Florida’s fashion sense on your upcoming adventures.

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