May 31, 2017

Buttons showed up for the first time in Germany in the 13th century, and that's when we can find the reason why women shirts fasten differently than men's shirts. After their invention, we buttons quickly spread all around Europe as they became a real necessity.

The reason why women’s shirt buttons are on the left side of their shirt might sound silly to us, but to 13th-century women, it probably made all the sense in the world.

First of all, buttons used to come sewed onto upscale clothes only, meaning that just a wealthy woman or a woman of power could afford to own a garment with buttons. Those women would also have servants to dress them, and that's why buttons were sewed on the left of the shirt;

It was easier for right-handed servants to button up a lady’s clothing on that side.

A man buttoning his shirt

Photo bymichael onUnsplash


On the other hand, men didn't need help getting dressed, so the buttons were sewed on the side that would be easiest for them to do the job, on the right side.

What is your take on this distinction and the reason behind it? Have you heard a different story why men’s and women’s shirt buttons are on opposite sides? If so, share this article with your friends and let's see who thinks differently.

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